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Thursday, Oct 29 - Monday, Nov 2

12:00-12:30pm EST Daily


No Charge!

TOP 3 THINGS You'll Learn for FREE:

How to Unlock the Hidden Power You Already Have

Learn to leverage the same power that got you through your toughest challenges to help you lose weight

3 Powerful Tools for Change

Learn why most dieters gain their weight back - and three powerful tools to beat the odds 

How to Connect with a Healthy Community

Interact with your coaching cadre on 30-minute live video calls daily from 12:00-12:30pm EST or watch later time (the healthiest binge ever!)  

Meet Your Coach: Lorna Ray 

Straight talk, real results 

A certified coach through the Association for Christian Character Development, Lorna Ray has been facilitating positive change for people for 30+ years - including full-time missions in Latin America, serving women in crisis pregnancies, and successfully discipling people through addiction into breakthrough.

Despite these achievements she struggled to manage her own weight... until now!  Down 49 pounds and counting, she created THE WEIGHT IS OVER CHALLENGE to share with others the help she has received. Enroll today to learn the same secrets her clients are successfully putting into practice!

Here's What My Busy Clients Are Saying...


I started my journey on May 11th and here I am experiencing what I thought was impossible at age 65. I've lost 34 pounds and 20.5 inches in the past 8 weeks. That has been absolutely fantastic, but more importantly, the energy and health restoration has been unbelievable! No more huffing and puffing when i get up and walk, no more asthma, no more rosecea, no more achy joints, BP has stabilized... and so much more! I feel 40 again! Maybe 30! Just incredible! And....I'm only half way to my goal! This plan has been easy for me to adapt to my busy lifestyle. I love what I'm doing so much, I'm now coaching 7 more along this journey with me. To hear their success stories just fuels my fire 🔥! Thankful for Lorna and her encouragement. Thankful I decided to give my health one more chance."

Start of week 10 on the plan...down 40 lbs. Thanks to Lorna and David Ray for inspiration. Thanks to Lorna and David Ray for the inspiration! Also, could not do it without the support and accountability of my wife, Joy. 

I am excited to say that I just finished my third month and I reached ONEderland this week! A total of 54 pounds lost! I started April 1st at 253 and am now 199. I have loved reading many inspirational stories from others and that has inspired me to keep going. I think that’s why I decided to send a post.....[this] has truly made such a difference in my life, especially physically. This month I will be turning 54 and there is no doubt my body has changed a lot physically, especially once I went over the age of 50 😊 I cannot believe the amount of energy I have and how great I have been feeling and that alone will help me to keep going. My hope is to lose another 50 pounds and I now realize that is possible. I never thought I would say that! A few years ago I was diagnosed with MS and I was recently diagnosed with melanoma. Although both of these diseases are crummy, losing all the weight that I have and knowing I am continuing to get healthy has made both of them easier to handle. And most importantly, I cannot forget to thank my awesome coach, Lorna Ray! Her inspiration and kind words have made this adventure so much easier and fun! Wishing everyone great success!"

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